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Leak Detection Services

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Leak Detection Services

Only the Highest Quality Standards for Our Customers

Look no further than Brillare Plumbing Perth to have your leak detected in no time. 

Water leaks Perth can cause major issues to you and your property, including;

  • Contaminating your water 
  • Increases in your water bill 
  • Damp walls and flooring
  • Gushing water
  • Showers with no pressure or hot water

Our team of Plumbers Perth can provide leak detection and repairs Perth so you’re not stuck with the inconveniences of water leaks. 

Brillare Plumbing Perth has the latest leak detection technology and equipment to ensure that you don’t experience shower leaks and taps leaks again in the near future. Our team of professional leak detectors guarantee that they will provide minimal disruption and keep water leak damage to a minimum. 

In order to find the source of the water leak and then to repair the shower leak or tap leak, our Perth plumbers will use the following equipment to provide efficient and prompt water leak detection Perth. 

Only the Highest Quality Standards for Our Customers

Leak Detection Perth

Thermal Imaging

This allows our water leak detectors Perth to find any hidden moisture causing damage. This reduces the time it takes to find the source of the leak, therefore, our water leak detection service in Perth will be prompt. 

Hydrogen Pressure Testing

Our Plumbers Perth can pressure test each water line to investigate the location of the leak. Pressure loss indicates a water leak which is a very helpful aspect of our Perth leak detection service as it avoids having to excavate your property to find the water leak. 

Acoustic Testing

A water leak detection testing method that isolates the sound of a leaking pipe. The leak vibrates and allows our Perth plumbers to detect where the location of the vibration/water leak is coming from. 

Our Perth plumbers are able to assess your shower leaks and tap leaks and if we believe the fitting is old or is beyond repair, we will offer our advice to replace it to avoid leaking taps in future. We can install your tapware and shower fittings too!

Get in contact with us for a local water leak detection Perth service today!